What you have to pay attention for test driving a new car

20/11/2015 English


Many people are born for shopping. But not everyone knows how to buy a car! If you think it is time for a new car, you will then probably start reading various car magazines, visiting online forums, or even attending car shows or make appointment of test drive. Factors like age, features, fuel consumption are major ones for consideration of buying a new car. And there’re still some other tips to consider when you go to look at a potential car!

Before your test drive, make sure the engine is cold which is simply done by touching the bonnet. If it is warm, then the seller may be trying to hide a start up problem. When you are driving, always check for excessive smoke and listen for any loud noises as this indicated there is a major problem with the engine.

Ensure that the steering is responsive and that you can move between all the gears easily with no crunching. You may drive on different types of roads in order to go up through all the gears and test the diversity of the car. The test drive should ideally last between half an hour and an hour. Since you are going to spend a lot of money on the car, you should want to make sure that everything is okay!

If you’ve got children, you may want to consider bringing them with you too. It is always worthy to experience whether they will have enough room in the back of the car. Children are growing fast. So, it is important to let them sit comfortably at the back. Luggage space may also be a big factor in your purchase decision. You should check it out and see if it is enough for your own needs.

A variety of features are a great selling point for cars. If you’ve got any specific car model in your mind, then make sure all features are in good working condition. If you are happy after your test drive that everything is in good working order and the car meets your requirements, you can try and bargain with the seller. As you know, the price given is rarely the final price paid!

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