Perform well as a “Holiday Driver”

20/05/2016 English


As we all know, drivers who will only drive during weekends and holidays are labelled as “Holiday Driver”. There are actually many drivers of this kind since traffic jam and parking fees are the main concern of driving during working days. You may not want to have this label as it somehow means that you are not a very skillful driver! Except more driving and practice, take a look at the following tips which help you perform well as a “Holiday Driver”!

It sounds simple, but a good night’s sleep before departing can make your trip more enjoyable. And the first step is to make sure your car is operating properly. Things like the lights, oil, tires (condition and pressure level), belts and the condition of the battery should all be checked before leaving.

Plan your route in advance. Check traffic news, weather conditions and alternative routes before you leave. GPS or the map in your mobile phone may help. But don’t rely on it too much! Follow speed limits and always pay attention to the excess traffic and congestion on the road. Drive defensively and don’t respond to aggressive drivers.

Be prepared for emergencies. Keep a blanket, boots, an extra pair of gloves and a flashlight in your car. Also, keep the gas tank at least half-filled in case there’s no gas station nearby. Or search for the locations of gas stations along your route and near your destination.

Finally, relax! Driving during the weekends and holidays can be stressful. Frustration can lead to poor decisions and risky behaviour behind the wheel. However, it can also be more enjoyable with the right attitude and some pre-planning work. Remember to relax and focus on what’s truly important: reaching your destination safely and having fun with family or friends!


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