Pork Soup with Rice from Busan, Korea

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Soup with Rice is very common in Hong Kong. There are lots of styles available, such as melon, oyster and meat, duck leg. In Busan, Korea, there is a must-eat item for tourists, Pork Soup with Rice! Korean people like to gather all shops selling the same type of things on one single street. And the one for Pork Soup with Rice is located at Seomyeon, a bustling region in Busan!

Located at the intersection of two subway lines, Seomyeon is the busiest commercial and shopping area in Busan. With Lotte Department Store as the center, plenty of shops and restaurants are right here in this dining and shopping paradise. The street of Pork Soup with Rice is only 5-minute walk from Seomyeon Station. It’s very easy to find. Once you step into this street, you can immediately get the smell of rice and pork. Restaurants offering Pork Soup with Rice are all on both sides of the street. You can see the fresh steam of rice cooking and soup boiling releasing from everywhere. It’s just like a reminder for you to sit down and taste it!


There’re restaurants with more than 60 years of history as well as some new ones here. No matter what, they are all outstanding enough to station here at the street of Pork Soup with Rice. The restaurant menu is available in both English and Chinese with food photos. The staff there can speak simple English which makes order an easy thing to do. Like other Korean restaurants, a variety of starters will be served to kick of your meal for which the shrimp paste and leeks are rather special. They are actually used for the seasoning of soup. The Soup with Rice is served on the table with nothing special. But when you taste it, you will find marvel at its mellow taste! Some people may not like the taste of shrimp paste. Salt and pepper are also available on the table so that you can perform the soup seasoning according to your own preference. The large portion of pork is fresh and not greasy as they are all lean meat. After tasting, you will be amazed with the simple match of pork and soup. And with just a little bit of seasoning, it becomes something that is really wonderful!


Wanna taste Pork Soup with Rice in a comfortable and relaxing way? The Editor suggests you to take it as your first meal in Busan! In recent years, most of us love to take an early morning flight for a Korea trip. After arrival at the airport, get to the city centre and enjoy a bowl of Pork Soup as your breakfast with Rice while you’re waiting for hotel room check-in. What an enjoyment it is! Or you can take it as late supper during one night of your stay. As the street of Pork Soup with Rice is very popular, you will find the long queue for all day long. But you can enjoy it comfortably during early morning or late night time as most of the restaurants are open for 24 hours.


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