Riding a motorcycle visible to others

18/12/2015 English


Motorcycle is one of the smallest vehicles on the road while drivers can ride fast and overtake easily. But due to its small size, it’s often ignored by other vehicles on the road. Or even some sorts of incidents and perilous situations occur because of its position at a certain blind spot to other drivers! This time, the Editor is going to teach you how to ride a motorcycle visible to others on the road!

Positioning is very important for riding a motorcycle. Try not to ride adjacent to other vehicles. Drivers should always ride in the front line of vision of the driver behind you, but not in their peripheral vision. There will be some drivers who always fail to use their turn signals, or even fail to check their blind spots. So, you should keep alert and out of the blind spots of other vehicles. By doing so, the chances of being hit can be reduced if other drivers unexpectedly move into your lane!

A safe following distance not only gives you the time you need to react to a situation, but also serves to prevent the vehicle in front of you from blocking the oncoming traffic’s view of you. The greatest threat to motorcyclists at intersections is a turning vehicle! Some medical studies show that motorcycles are “not seen” by other drivers who are turning because humans don’t perceive motorcycles as a threat, compared to the size of the car they are driving! In other words, the brain appears to ignore the smaller vehicle that’s oncoming. In fact, it’s not difficult for us to hear the stories about the driver of a car quoting to say to an officer, “I didn’t see him!” So, as you approach an intersection, you must catch the eye of the turning driver by presenting yourself in their line of vision. By doing a slight weave within your lane, your headlight becomes an unusual moving object. This perhaps will gather more attention from that driver. Of course, don’t forget to double check your turn signals before you’ve approached an intersection and after you’ve made a turn to avoid giving other drivers the wrong information!

Lastly, a motorcyclist should always be on the lookout for escape lanes while approaching intersections. In this way, you should have a final resort if a driver happens to turn into your path!

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