Romance in the dark air – Busan Fireworks Festival

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As a Hong Kong people, we will have at least two chances to watch fireworks every year. Macau will also organize world-class fireworks competition shows every year. For us, firework is a kind of familiar and free entertainment. However, effects of fireworks can be very different under different geographical locations, background, music, and even atmosphere. This time, the Editor is going to share with you the Asian famous Busan Fireworks Festival in Korea!

Busan Fireworks Festival is an annual international event which will be held in late October in Gwangalli every year. To come here for the fireworks, you can take the subway to Gwangalli Station. Do not go wrongly to the beach in Haeundae! Get out of the Gwangalli Station and follow the crowd for about 15-minute walk, you can see Gwangalli Beach there. And here is the best location for watching the fireworks! Gwangalli Beach an excellent one with 1.4 km long, 64 meters wide, a total area of ​​82,000 square meters. Don’t think a beach should be far away from the main streets and roads. In just a road across, you can see restaurants, café and shops everywhere. Those restaurants located at the buildings with unrivaled sea view are already fully booked by fireworks audience! Look out from the Gwangalli Beach, there’s the important landmark of Busan, Gwangalli Bridge. The night view of this scene is much more beautiful, with different colours of lighting shining from the bridge.
In fact, tickets are available from the organizer of Busan Fireworks Festival. The ticket price is 70,000 won (around HK$480) per person, while it’s 100,000 won (around HK$690) for each seat with a table. It can be said as a high spending entertainment show! But you can actually watch the fireworks clearly at any location on the road behind the beach. During the Busan Fireworks Festival, there will be road closure here. In this “open space”, you can always find your best place for fireworks! In this 60-minute fireworks show, each session will have its own themes and music. Different from the tall buildings on both sides of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, the background of the fireworks here is the endless sea and the magnificent and shining Gwangalli Bridge. This 60-minute, ever-changing and lively picture is really amazing!

When the fireworks show has come to an end, many groups of staff wearing uniforms come out and started working on the tidying work. They picked up all garbage and debris and clear up the streets and roads to its original scene. It’s highly appreciated by everyone! And we will have to be patience when leaving, as there are really a lot of people coming for the fireworks. It really takes time for the crowd to leave. We suggest you to take subway. And it’d be better for you to buy tickets in advance or use the popular T-money in Korea, similar to the Hong Kong Octopus Card, to save some queuing time.

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