Safety tips for driving through road works

02/12/2016 English


Whenever you are driving, it always frustrating when you see the dreaded sign words of “Road works ahead". This can be annoying particularly if you are in a hurry. But it is important to realize that it should be treated with caution.

The best way to avoid the major delays often caused by scheduled road works is to find out where they are and avoid them if you can. This can easily be done by checking traffic information through online news or Apps. And here’s something that we can learn for driving safely through road works!

Pay attention to road signs and instructions

Road works can often involve complex re-routing of traffic flows. So, it is vital that you follow any directions or instructions as you approach the diversion.

Get into the correct lane

If there are two or more lanes of slow moving traffic, don’t be tempted to keep switching lanes. It is unlikely that you are going to save much time in the process. And it can even increase your chances of having a collision.

Don’t exceed the speed restriction

Some road maintenance technicians are killed or injured during road maintenance work thanks to careless drivers. Due to the very nature of the work, they are often operating in very close proximity to moving traffic. So, it is necessary to impose strict speed restrictions in order to reduce the risk of injury. Speed restrictions can vary as you pass through road works. So, pay close attention to the signs. They are there for your own safety as well as others.

Look out for workers and machinery

Be aware that workers or machinery may have to cross the traffic lanes from time to time. But at the same time, pay attention to the vehicles around you, not the activities of the road workers!

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