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01/12/2015 English


Most of the information you hear or read about distracted driving is focused on the use of mobile phone while driving. But is this the only factor? According to some experienced drivers and driving instructors, the distractions that have caused rear end collisions are mental distractions, usually people in a hurry!

In fact, it’s quite impossible to eliminate all distractions while you drive. Because you cannot predict and don’t have control over what things and situations you pass on the road, or what your passenger might say or do that would distract you when you drive. While you can’t eliminate all distractions, you can instead learn some tips to avoid distracted driving.

Attend a driving course or seminar

As years of driving go by, most drivers get lazy about good and safe driving habits. A defensive driving course can refresh your mind and motivation on safe driving practices. A course that involves behind the wheel driving of course will be the most effective one, but even a classroom course will help you remember crash prevention driving habits that will help you avoid dangerous distractions.


Sometimes, drinking cannot be avoided while driving. If your drink spills while driving, the mess will be much less with a lid! But don’t hold a cup between your knees even you’ve got a lid. Also, don’t pick up the drink in the middle of a curve or turn. You will need your hands and full attention on the road when turning. To pick up anything while driving, stop your car is the safest way to do so!

Tell your passengers you need to concentrate on driving

When you are driving, any passenger especially children might say, “Look at that!" And then your first instinct is to look at what they are talking about… You should learn to say, “I can’t! I’m driving!" It can probably save you from a collision!

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