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17/02/2016 English


A car is just like a human that it should find a suitable shelter, which is a parking lot! Many details and options for hourly or monthly parking spaces are not so flexible for car owners. But buying a real parking lot is another issue! You will need to look into many details in order to select a good quality one. This time, the Editor is going to share with you some tips for selecting a parking lot!


As said, you should look into every detail while choosing the location of your parking lot! In terms of security of your car, you will need to select locations near the stairs or car park exit, or spaces with sufficient lightings. Locations with more people passing by will be rather secured. Sufficient lightings enable car owners to notice the surrounding situation more easily. And of course, locations nearby car park exit will be convenience for car owners to get their cars and leave quickly! In terms of parking, the Editor suggests you to select a parking lot with a single pillar at either side. This can separate cars from either side to facilitate easy access of your car as well as the protection purpose. A parking lot with a wall behind is even better. This can reduce the chances of being crashed by other cars from the behind. What’s more, a cool and ventilated location enables you to keep your car clean and dry.

Environment and management

An indoor parking lot is, of course, better than an outdoor one! Car owners have to pay attention to any water leakage for locations near outdoor ground or the ceiling floor. It’s also important to select those carpark management companies with good management quality and reputation. In case of any incident, you will then be able to get quick and effective assistance.

Market value

As you all know, parking lots in Hong Kong do have market values! Of course, the Editor does not encourage investing or speculation on parking lots. But if you can enjoy using a parking lot in a good condition with a specific market value, why not doing so?


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