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16/08/2016 English


Roads are busy in cities like Hong Kong where pedestrians and drivers are always “fighting” for their own space. They don’t always see eye to eye. Sometimes a driver rockets through a crosswalk, other times a pedestrian jaywalks in front of an unsuspecting driver. However, by boosting our awareness of unprotected pedestrians, we, as drivers, can maintain more consistent safety and avoid accidents. Here are some tips to help us identifying “pedestrian zones" and staying safe around our street-crossing friends!

Know where the kids are

Drivers should be extra cautious in areas like school zones, parks and playgrounds. Also, remember to avoid passing stopped school buses, as kids could dart into the street from a number of hard-to-see angles.

Drive carefully in a parking lot

Parking lots are breeding grounds for accidents because they’re full of both cars and pedestrians and they’re often unclear on who should go where. Keep your guard up when you navigate in a parking lot, especially your car is moving back for parking!

Consider driving conditions

Weather and road conditions add to your stopping distance, which means if you’re driving fast during bad weather and a pedestrian runs into the street, you’re going to have a harder time stopping. Pedestrians lack the reflective material we rely on to identify other cars and cyclists. So, always adjust your speed according to the weather.

Stay alert for pedestrians with special needs

As a driver, keep an eye out for pedestrians who are at greater risk in crosswalk scenarios, including those who use a wheelchair, a cane, or any other type of assistive device. Also, be aware of blind pedestrians. In South Carolina, blind pedestrians who enter the street with a white cane or a seeing-eye dog have the legal right-of-way over your vehicle in any circumstance.

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