Always travel in a year? Pick the annual trip travel insurance plan!

21/06/2016 English


Hong Kong people love to travel! That’s no longer the right quote nowadays. It’s better for us to say Hong Kong people love and always travel! Cheap air tickets, the amazingly rapid developed online travel booking platforms, rich travel information from the social media have created this travel loving generation. Hong Kong people love self-travelling, so as the Editor. We are already very familiar with those “standard procedures” like applying holidays, booking air tickets and hotels, purchasing travel insurance. Always travel in a year, have you ever thought of purchasing annual trip travel insurance plan instead of the single trip one? It’s just like the case when you are planning to visit the same theme park quite a few times in a year. Purchasing annual pass will definitely be cheaper! In fact, this is not the only benefit of purchasing annual trip travel insurance plan!

A one-off annual payment is always cheaper than separate payments. The money saved from purchasing annual trip travel insurance plan can be used for booking an extra room night or enjoying a nice meal. Isn’t it even better? And we sometimes have a forgetful moment. The Editor has ever forgotten to purchase the travel insurance until the moment before departure, because of the busy planning work for the upcoming exciting trip! That will not be your case when you’ve purchased the annual trip travel insurance plan. Another benefit will be the better customer follow up service. But it’s not saying that you will not be able to enjoy the quality service for purchasing single trip travel insurance plan. When you travel more and more, the insurance company staff will be able to understand you more so that they can offer you the most suitable and caring services. In DirectAsia, there is a professional, dedicated and well-trained customer service team, offering the quality and caring service for those customers who have purchased travel insurance.

So, how about the tips for selecting travel insurance plan? Many people just see purchasing it as a “routine work" before starting your trip. To a certain extent, this is a good thing as nothing happens and there’s no need to use your travel insurance plan. But when there is any accident, it will be too late to regret! So, be serious when purchasing your travel insurance plan!

In DirectAsia, the region of annual trip travel insurance plan is divided into Asia and worldwide. It really depends on your needs. But sales for air tickets traveling to Europe and US are always available now. To prevent the case that you suddenly want a trip to Europe or watch a live NBA match in US, a worldwide plan is suggested! After filling in the basic information, pick a suitable plan among “Travel 25”, “Travel 75” and “Travel 200” according to your needs. The main difference between these 3 plans is the amount being claimed on different areas. And you can also select the extra Pet Hotel benefit. If you place your cat or dog in a kennel / cattery and your return trip is delayed, DirectAsia will pay for your cat or dog’s additional accommodation fees. In terms of the number of traveling days, some insurance companies will have limitations. DirectAsia allows you to travel up to 90 days for each trip, while there is no limitation for the total number of traveling days for the duration of policy. Finally, pay attention on whether extreme or high-risk sports are included in the policy. If you plan to have sky diving in Australia or skiing in Switzerland or Korea, you will have to take a look at the detailed coverage!

For more details about the annual trip travel insurance plans, feel free to visit the travel insurance page of DirectAsia.


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