Some very basic driving knowledge

10/03/2016 English


As a car owner or driver, there are plenty of tips or knowledge out there for how to take care of your car, drive better, what to do after an accident, and just about anything related to cars. Here are some very basic driving knowledge. But not every driver will be able to apply them during the right moments. Let’s see if you’ve got these knowledge!

Shift into neutral at traffic lights to give your car a rest. This will make the work of the engine a bit smoother. It also reduces the heat carried by the cooling system. And you will probably see a slight decrease in gas mileage too.

Roll up the windows when you are driving on the highway. Opening the windows at higher speeds uses more gas because of the drag put on the car. When you’re driving at a lower speed, try to open the windows to serve the purpose of saving fuel.

In the environmental point of view, don’t wash the car yourself! According to the study by a US University, any home car wash uses about 5 to 20 times more water than the professional car wash. And car owners will also need to bear the risk of leaving scratches when they wash the car themselves.

Survive in a rear end collision by first pulling your seatbelt taut! Release your foot from the brake and place the car in neutral can avoid being rear ended twice because of the redistribution of force. Besides, applying the brakes after being hit can cause a second collision if the car behind you is still moving.


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