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18/04/2016 English


When a driver is in a hurry or wanna save some time, he or she just doesn’t have time to make multiple turns to get headed in the right direction. That’s where a U-turn comes in. It allows a driver to easily turn around and get on the right way. However, before you make a U-turn, it is important to make sure you are doing it legally. The answer to what is legal is not the same for all places. But what’s more important is that you should make your U-turn correctly and safely. Here are some tips for a safe U-turn!

Make a U-turn only if you can clearly see at least 500 metres both in front of and behind your car. Make sure you have adequate sight distance so that you will have time to finish the turn before encountering oncoming traffic. The golden rule is pretty obvious that if you cannot safely make the turn, give it up!

A “No U-turn” sign is very common in Hong Kong that drivers can always see it on the roads. The meaning of it is obvious! You cannot make a U-turn if a “No U-turn” sign is posted. Under the situation that a particular intersection is too risky or the traffic is too busy for making a safe U-turn, the sign will be posted. This is the consideration of safety for all drivers and road users.

The first priority of making a U-turn is definitely safety! If you can make sure that you drive defensively, check clearly for any oncoming traffic and pay attention to any posted signs, there will be no more hesitation for your U-turn!


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