Summer driving tips for motorcyclist

09/08/2016 English


Riding in summer is a bit hard and hot for motorcyclists, especially they are not able to enjoy any air-conditioning. But don’t let summer heat get in the way of your riding and affect your experience. Follow these tips to help you stay cool on two wheels!

Stay your body covered

Riding a bike through hot air is like standing in front of a blow dryer. Any areas of skin that are exposed under the sun will be much harder to cool, as the sweat will evaporate from the air rushing over it at speed. This means you’ll dehydrate faster. It may seem counterintuitive to cover yourself with clothes in the heat. But from experiences, the people who are affected most by the heat are those who don’t cover themselves properly.

Drink more water

Water is vital for keeping the body cool. But it is also necessary for digestion, flushing toxins out of your body, and lubricating your joints. It also cushions your organs and tissues. So when you get dehydrated, your body just won’t work properly. The worst thing is that by the time you start feeling bad, you’re already in trouble. So, it’s very very important to stay hydrated! That means you should drink plenty of water before you get on the bike, and consume water regularly, especially in extreme temperatures.


Most helmets and motorcycle gear are equipped with vents, and it’s easy to forget and leave them closed. So, double check to make sure your vents are open for maximum airflow.

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