Tablets VS Rear Seat Entertainment System

18/10/2016 English


If you’re interested in buying a family car, you’re probably considering whether or not to spend a little extra for a rear seat entertainment system. But nowadays, it seems that tablets can serve more or less the same functions in the car. Let’s took a closer look at which one we should choose!

Rear seat entertainment system will usually be a DVD or Blu-ray player. You can buy a car equipped with the feature from the factory or buy one without the feature and get it installed later. The factory option tends to be a little more expensive, but it also works seamlessly with the car and it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Some parents may not be willing to buy a tablet for their child’s use. But they have to realize that they won’t get any money back for a rear DVD or Blu-ray player when the time comes to sell your car!

So, how about the tablets? Fasteners can carry them on the back of your front seat, providing a screen for rear passengers. Better yet, since the screen isn’t fixed like a rear seat DVD or Blu-ray player, rear passengers can bring this tablet on the go, giving it multiple uses. With tablets, rear passengers can have largely the same experience as they would with an actual DVD player. But they can download movies and games on the go, keeping them occupied a lot longer than a regular old DVD player probably will. Sure, the screen may not be as big, but the tablet is portable and can be used for other activities outside the car.

In our mind, or in this world of tablets and useful Apps, a rear seat entertainment system doesn’t have the same value it once did. And tablets will most likely be the substitutes or somehow the advanced version for rear seat entertainment in future!



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