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Sydney is a hit city for tourists in Australia. The traffic network is well developed that public transportation like rail and light rail trains, bus and even ship can basically take you to any place in the city. So, not many tourists will choose self-driving in this modern city unless they’re going to travel across a number of cities. But when it comes to the search for the most authentic flavor of freshness, Sydney Fish Market will be your must-go spot!

Take the light rail train to “Fish Market" station, you can see very clear signs of directions there or just follow the crowd flow. Sydney Fish Market is here after 5 minutes of walk. The first tip from the Editor is about your arrival time and estimated time of stay. The market’s opening hours start from 7am until 4pm daily. Since this is a very famous and hot spot for tourists, peak hours will start after 11am every day. In almost every 5 minutes, coaches will arrive one after another taking a large number of visitors to the market! This will fill up all the shops in the market, with long queues everywhere and short of seats for dine-in. The market will become a little bit quiet again after 2pm. So, the Editor suggests you to come here before 9:30am or after 1:30pm, so that you will be able to have sufficient time for walking around and selecting your favourite seafood to savour.

There are not more than 10 shops in the market. Each of them has got their own characteristics and fans. The seafood can be generally divided into two kinds, cooked and fresh ones. The Editor will of course recommend you with the most authentic flavor of freshness from Australia! For every shop here, you can find open style of design. A variety of seafood types are available on plenty of ice with prices clearly marked. You can feel free to take a look, select and snap! In Hong Kong, the price of one oyster with fair quality will be around HK$15 to HK$20. Here, a dozen fresh oysters will only cost you around HK$102 (AUD17). That’s lower than HK$10 per piece! Every time we come here with friends, before walking around, selecting and trying anything we want, each of us will have a dozen oysters first! As a reminder, it’s cool and relaxing for outdoor seats. But beware of the plenty of seagulls there, which will unceremoniously snatch your food on the table!

Among the variety kinds of seafood in the market, the Editor recommends king crab, scallop, edible crab, fresh sea urchin. It’s not easy to taste fresh sea urchin in Hong Kong. The shell spines still keep moving while you’re eating. What a taste and experience!

Many Hong Kong people are very crazy for seafood. Once they’ve found something nice, they will visit the restaurant again if time is allowed. This time, the Editor is going to share with you how to taste the freshness twice without re-visiting the market! Arrange the market to be the first stop of your schedule on one day. After several rounds of walking, selecting and tasting, pick those delicious ones or something you haven’t tried yet. Bring them back to the hotel and keep them in the refrigerator. These will be your later supper or breakfast for the next day. That’s a double enjoyment!

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