Expectations for the Thanksgiving Day

23/11/2016 English


Thanksgiving Day does not belong to any Chinese traditional festival. But it has become more and more popular among Hong Kong people in recent years. As one of the most important festive days from the West, what will be your understanding of it? And what you will be looking forward to?

The Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival uniquely created by the American people (of course Canada has another Thanksgiving Day) to thank God for the good harvest. Since 1941, the Thanksgiving Day is officially scheduled to be held on the fourth Thursday of November each year. And there will be two consecutive national holidays from this day. With addition to the weekend, the American people will have a long weekend with four national holidays during the period of the Thanksgiving Day!

Being a festival with the originality from US, the Thanksgiving Day is of course the one that they feel the most intimate and local, and also time for family reunion. Except the tradition of the famous turkey pardon ceremony by US President, there are also plenty of very crazy shopping promotions and discount activities. Today, the Thanksgiving Day is absolutely the crazy shopping time for the American people, as almost all department stores, brands, restaurants, and even the variety of services will launch special promotions during this period of time. Restaurants and shops are fully packed with customers. And you can see the products sold out everywhere!

In Hong Kong, some department stores and brands have also introduced their own “Thanksgiving Day" and launched different kinds of offers and discounts to attract the crowd and consumptions. But when we talk about features, topics and historical elements, of course, the Thanksgiving Day from US will have its absolute advantage!

This year’s Thanksgiving Day is on 24 November. DirectAsia is going to launch a ‘Fuel You Up’ thanksgiving campaign during this festive period of time. From 14 Nov 2016 to 11 Dec 2016, buy Comprehensive Car Insurance policy and receive FREE HK$100 petrol voucher! For details, please refer to DirectAsia website.


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