The challenges of driving faced by short people

26/07/2016 English


Driving a car is full of challenges for short people. And these challenges can affect your safety. While you can learn to live with the difficulties, you’ll be much safer if you address them head on!


One issue is the ability to see the nose of your car when judging distance, especially when parking or pulling up behind someone. If you are sitting too low, you can’t see the front of your car and you’ll end up taking a pot shot guess at the distance. Guess wrong and you might rear-end someone at a red light, or hit something while parking. Newer model cars have height-adjustable seats, allowing you to position yourself for optimum visibility. If you drive an older model, you should use a seat cushion to boost you up so that you can clearly see the nose of your car.


The primary purpose of the headrest is to prevent whiplash in the event of an accident. However, neck injuries can also occur if the headrest is not properly positioned for you. Some headrests have a very pronounced bulge that can cause your head to be in the wrong position if you are short. If the bulge in the headrest barely touches the top of your head, this can cause a neck injury during an accident. Look for a car with an adjustable headrest that tilts as well as raises and lowers. If your existing car doesn’t give proper support to your head and neck, try to get a headrest that offers better support. As an alternative, you can pop the headrest out and turn it backward to avoid the bulge. If the headrest doesn’t touch the back of your head in the altered position, you can bind towels to the headrest until you’ve achieved the proper support for safety.

Seat belt and shoulder strap

Your seat belt should fit snugly across your pelvis, and the shoulder strap should cross over your shoulder. For a short person, the shoulder strap can end up across your neck which can cause serious injuries during an accident. If your shoulder strap does not have an adjustment to accommodate you, consider investing in a seat belt adjuster. There are a variety of sturdy styles that go far beyond the cheap plastic clips, including some made for children which may be a good choice for a small adult.

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