The essentials every first-time car owner must have

05/07/2016 English


The experience of owning a car is one of your life’s greatest milestones! You can go anywhere you want as long as you have enough petrol and parking place. But it also brings certain moments that will really test your mental tenacity, and possibly your emotional stability as well. Say, the anxiety you will feel the first time an engine warning light comes on. So, why not equipping yourself first with the following essentials of daily driving before those embarrassing moments come?

Mobile phone holder and charger

Unlike being at home or office, your mobile phone will definitely need a holder that keeps your hands on the wheel while keeping the phone within your peripheral vision. Just don’t stick it right in front of you. And you will also need a charger in car for sure!


The large coverage will protect your eyes from glare. If you’re nearsighted or suffer from astigmatism, invest in graded lenses so you can see properly.

Driving shoes

Swap the rubber shoes, Crocs, flip-flops and any other kind of clunky footwear for proper driving shoes.

Cleaning products

Run over to the car care shops and get things like several microfiber cleaning cloths, a big bottle of car shampoo, a sponge, a pail, a bottle of tire black, some fabric or leather shampoo, to keep your lovely car looking and smelling nice all year round.


Don’t get the cheap plastic ones. Instead, get a sturdy and high-power one. You will find it really useful when you have needs!

Trash can

If the thought of used tissue and candy wrappers stuffed in your car’s door pockets makes you get crazy, a small bin will give your passengers a hint.

Air freshener

Without this, your car will always smell like the happy meal you ordered last time.


An umbrella will keep your head and your passenger’s head dry as you enter or exit the car during a downpour. A corporate giveaway, gift from gas station or reasonably sized umbrella from shops will be pretty enough for use.


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