Practical tips for avoiding truck accidents

10/12/2015 English


When large trucks are present on the road, other vehicles consciously keep distance from them, and even stay away. Because if there is any accident of time, either on your own or the vehicle will hurt much more than ordinary accident! In Hong Kong, accidents involving large trucks occurred from time to time, and sometimes led to very serious casualties. All drivers realize that they should stay away from large trucks. But when it comes to some unavoidable situations, what can we do?

Due to their immense size and enormous weight, large trucks are handled very differently than normal cars! Large trucks usually require more time to start and stop, and take a longer period of time to accelerate as well. So, when a large truck is involved in a collision or accident with another car, the results can be catastrophic! And the victims of truck accidents have a far greater chance of suffering serious injury or fatality because of the size, weight and speed of large trucks.

One of the best ways that we can protect against the devastating consequences of truck accidents is to prevent them from happening in the first place. As a driver, we should be getting alert at all times for bad or reckless drivers. One of the contributing causes of truck accidents is related to the large blind spots located in the front, back and sides of large trucks! When a biker or an automobile driver spends a period of time riding in a truck driver’s blind spot, he or she will be in risk for a collision. Besides, when a large truck turns, its tractor trailer swings out with the existence of blind spots which are one of the leading causes of motorcycle or bicycle fatalities. So, drivers should give large trucks extra space around turns. And you should be on the alert for turn signals, brake lights and backup lights from large trucks and other vehicles as well.

To conclude, it’s better to pull off the road and let the truck pass than to risk getting in a serious accident!

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