Tips for healthy tablet use

12/10/2016 English


Nowadays, everyone has got one or even more smartphones and every family has got at least one tablet in average! Unlike the traditional PCs and laptops, tablets give us freedom to move around again. But still, tablet causes neck problems. There’s no one magical posture to ward off muscle strain. Let’s share some practical healthy tips for tablet use!



Sitting too long in any position is always inviting injury, as bodies simply aren’t meant to sit frozen for long periods of time. Muscles and tendons need a break. The ideal posture is the next one you’re going to take. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, listen to your body and take another posture!


Use a case

It’s a good idea to get a case with a built-in stand that allows you to position the screen at multiple viewing angles, so that you can adjust it as needed. A case propped on your lap should ideally be at 45 degrees. When it is set on a table, it should be more like 60 degrees (from flat). Alternatively, those 7-inch tablets are far lighter and easier to hold without using a case.


Tablets are not typewriters

Obviously, tablets are way better for data and media consumption than content generation. Touch screens are far more difficult than typing on a physical keyboard. Avoid typing anything more than an email or two. If you’re going to type something like a passage, just get an external keyboard!


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