Useful tips for driving a van

04/01/2016 English


No matter you are the owner or you rent it, driving a van is very popular in Hong Kong! It can be a simple and straightforward option for moving home, relocating to a new office or transporting lots of possessions or large furniture items from one place to another. However, what many drivers may not consider are the practical aspects of operating vehicles that are likely to be larger than those they are used to. This time, the Editor is going to share with you the useful tips for driving a van!

Prior to putting the key in the ignition and starting the van, there are a couple of checks you might want to carry out to make your drive a little easier. First of all, make sure your load is secure. Because this will affect your driving if you are distracted by bangs and crashes coming from behind the cab! The increased height of the cab in a van will mean you are sitting much higher up than normal. And you will be able to see further ahead on the road to predict the flow of traffic!

If possible, find an empty car park or other large space to get used to the handling of the van. The biggest difference you will notice will be the increased turning circle of the larger vehicle. This will necessitate a slower approach to cornering. The extra height and width of the van will also have to be a consideration. Low hanging bridges and car park barriers are obvious hazards to the drivers. Besides, you should keep your distance from the vehicle in front! This is vital. The stopping time increases with the size of the van. So, you can employ the four second rule.

Drive slowly while you’re parking your van! With low speed, even if you do nudge something, it will cause much less damage. If you have a passenger with you, put them to work by standing on the pavement and guiding you into the spot. This is one of the most popular, original and effective way!

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