What you should do at the scene of traffic accident

26/02/2016 English


As a driver, you should feel happy that you have never had the experience of being at the scene of traffic accident! In fact, no one wants to experience such unpleasant incidents. However, if you really expose to this scene one day, have you ever thought of how to deal with it? And what to do? Let’s share what we should do at a traffic accident scene!

If ever you find yourself at the scene of traffic accident, please do follow the golden rule – never put yourself at unnecessary risks. However, under a safe environment, you can do the followings to offer assistance to others.

  • Switch on the incident car’s hazard warning lights.
  • If possible, place a warning triangle on the road around 45 metres behind the accident scene.
  • If anyone requires medical attention, make sure that someone has already called an ambulance. If not, then you should make the call immediately.
  • Remove any non-injured people away from the scene.
  • Unless they’re in danger, don’t move casualties trapped in vehicles.
  • Make sure all car engines have been turned off.
  • Make sure no one is smoking at the scene.

Although we may not have learned some first aid skills before, remember the following golden rules about first aid at the scene of traffic accident which may help when you are in needs!

  • Only remove an injured person from a vehicle if it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • Only remove a motorcyclist’s helmet if it is essential to clear their airways.
  • Try and keep anyone who is injured warm.
  • Offer reassurance to the injured people. But don’t give them anything to eat, drink or smoke.
  • To stop heavy bleeding, you should apply firm hand pressure over the open wound by using some clean materials.
  • For burning skin for an injured people, douse the burns with cool, clean and non-toxic liquids for cooling down and reducing pain. Do not remove anything sticking to the burns.

In addition, except those who are injured or trapped, you may also find someone in shock at the scene of traffic accident. Actually, it’s not so difficult to observe if someone is in shock! For anyone with rapid pulse or heartbeat, pale grey skin, sweating or rapid shallow breathing at the scene, you should then take more care of them and remember the followings!

  • Don’t give them anything to eat or drink.
  • Constantly reassure them.
  • Try to keep them warm and comfortable
  • Keep a firm but quiet attitude to anyone who is hysterical
  • Don’t move them unless necessary.

As a driver, it would be nice for us to be equipped with the above basic knowledge. After all, the other emergency relief work will be on the hands of those professional, well-trained rescue teams! For more information on what you do for a smoother claims if you’ve been an accident, visit DirectAsia’s website.


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