What to / not to do when you’re trapped on the highway?

14/10/2016 English


Everyone knows we should prepare for bad weather or traffic incidents with supplies in our car and an eagle eye on the weather reports and traffic news. But things can really be unexpected, especially the traffic conditions in Hong Kong! In case you’re trapped on the highway due to an incident, do you know what to or not to do?

Let people know where you are

If you’re stuck out in the middle of somewhere, let people know where you are, including your family, friends or colleagues.

Leave room to turn around

The highway may be completely impassable. So, leave room to turn around in case all cars will need to leave in the opposite direction.

Take alternatives when necessary

The highway may not be the best way for you to get places. Minor and other roads can be better than a highway sometimes. Plan your route ahead, and especially think of things to avoid.

Make friends

When you’re stuck on the road, make friends with the other drivers near you. You can have some support from them if you need some food, drinks or even blankets.

Don’t keep calling for help or support

Call when you really need help and assistance. Don’t call again and again, overloading the phone lines of the police, towing service, or whoever else.

Don’t take the road shoulder

Don’t try and rush past stopped traffic by taking the road shoulder. Leave it open for emergency services.


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