Who said the elderly cannot drive anymore?

28/12/2015 English


The hot movie this year, The Intern, has become very popular. The story talked about the 70-year-old man played by Robert DeNiro found that retirement was not as relaxing as imagined, and even quite boring. When he decided to come back to the work field to be an elderly intern, his work and life experience had become the models for other colleagues! In reality, many people think that the elderly are no longer suitable for driving any vehicle. But as long as one is having good health with the proper driving attitudes, who said the elderly cannot drive anymore?

In fact, there are several things that older people can do to counterbalance the effects of aging on driving skills. Eyeglass prescriptions should be updated frequently. Older drivers should allow their eyes to become accustomed to new eyeglasses before driving. Besides, since older eyes take longer to adjust to glare, older drivers should avoid looking directly at oncoming headlights or other bright lights. When night vision becomes a problem, drivers should allow more distance between vehicles. The increased following distance helps compensate for the slower coordination that comes with aging.

To compensate for a decrease in hearing power, drivers should try to stay more alert. Frequent mirror checks will help make up for hearing deficiencies.

Older drivers should allow more time for passing and turning. And whenever possible, they should avoid rush-hour traffic and after-dark driving. For drivers whose movement is inhibited by arthritis, a wide-angle rear-view mirror offers a panoramic view without the pain of turning neck and shoulders. Medication that affects coordination and muscle skills as well as reaction time should be taken after arriving instead of before driving.

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