2013 is a super fruitful and fulfilled year for me at DirectAsia.com Hong Kong!

17/01/2014 DirectAsia 新聞中心, English

I’m extremely excited that my dream list of 2013 has been realized one by one throughout the year! I’m again very proud to say “I have the Best Customer Care Team in DirectAsia.com Hong Kong!” that brings our brand to life and represents true customer-centricity. I will continue to lead my Super Team in delivering the best world-class service to our customers and we will definitely keep taking on the challenges bring our customer service to the next level.
Roadshow Loved Brand – Online Insurance (Feb 2013)
I’m very happy to get the award together with “Boss So”. He is a very nice and friendly artist.  :)
Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies – Services Awards (March 2013)
This Service Awards is a very meaningful one and we’d use it as a birthday gift as we obtained this award on 28 March that is the birthday of our CEO – Nicolas Faquet.  :)
ISO10002:2004 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction (July 2013)
Our effort is finally paid off! After months’ of assessments by HKQAA, we are finally there!  I’m extremely delighted that DirectAsia.com Hong Kong is being the first insurer in Hong Kong has qualified for this standard!  :)
HKCCA Inbound Contact Centre – Gold Award (Oct 2013)
This Award is very important to us as it comes from the professionals in Hong Kong Contact Centre. We are honored to have their seal of recognition!
HKCCA Mystery Caller Assessment Award – Gold Award (Oct 2013)
The Mission of our contact centre is aiming at delivering a differentiated customer experience that brings our brand (Bold, Bright and Direct) to life that represents true customer-centricity. This award proved that we are at the very heart of what we do!
COPC Registered Coordinator for CSPs (Nov 2013)
The 5 days super intensive COPC course and examinations is a hard one for my “age” to pick up especially with these such very thick course materials. However, I would say it’s worth when I got a thorough understanding on the COPC standards as well as receiving this prestigious Certificate.  :)
HKQAA Service Quality Management (Nov 2013)
This Certificate is to award companies with outstanding performance in customer service by HKQAA who possess international standard on conformity assessment. Again, we are very proud to have their seal of recognition.  :)


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