ISO Accreditation for DirectAsia Hong Kong Customer Service

18/09/2013 DirectAsia 新聞中心, English

Our effort has finally paid off! After months of assessments by HKQAA, we are finally there! I’m extremely delighted that Hong Kong is the first insurer in Hong Kong to qualify for the “ISO10002: 2004 Quality management – Customer Satisfaction in respect of its complaints handling in organizations.
As we are a pioneering company it is important that I always have our vision and mission in mind in order for us to differentiate ourselves in the market. I was keen to take on new challenges for 2013 and so began my list of strategic actions for that year including obtaining accreditation of ISO10002-2004.

In just 6-months we made it happen! And we have learnt a lot along the way. Most importantly, I am really thrilled to see the transformation within the team. We worked together and inspired each other throughout the process.

Now I’m very proud to say “I have the Best Customer Care Team in Hong Kong!”


In addition, this ISO certification is a big booster for us to continue delivering the best world-class service to our customers and we will definitely keep taking on new challenges to take our customer service to the next level.


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