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Hassle-free Online Insurance in Hong Kong

At we take the hassle out of insurance. We bring the speed and ease of the internet to buying your insurance cover, together with world class online security. You can get a free quote in 60 seconds and print off your policy documents within five minutes. No queues and no waiting in traffic jams. is a licensed insurance company - we're not a broker and we don't use insurance agents. When you buy your insurance policy you buy direct from us. This means you make a big saving on your premium because there's no agents' commission to pay.

If you don't want to buy online then just pick up the phone or come and visit us at our office which is conveniently located in the business district. Our insurance experts are waiting to hear from you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a car insurance quote today and see how much you can save on your insurance.

Introducing Robin Hood,’s Spokesman!

Robin Hood embodies the values and the spirit of Like us he’s fair, he likes to do things differently, and he’s very, very direct! Robin wants to get the message out to the people of Hong Kong that carmotorcycle , health , travel and term life insurance can be taken out quickly and easily online, and can cost a lot less – when bought from Hong Kong!

Famed in English folklore for getting ordinary, hard-working people a fair deal, he now does the same of the people of Hong Kong. Robin will star in many of’s videos and commercials, and even has his own comic strip right here! Robin is not your average spokesman, but then is not your average insurance company!

Robin is the star of our latest videos and commercials

Robin Hood Giving Back to the People video

Saving money on your car insurance is…EA-SY! In his 1st video, our very own living, breathing, insurance-cost-cutting Robin Hood is literally giving away money to people in Hong Kong.

Watch the video here

Car, Motorcycle, Health, Travel and Term Life Insurance Made Easy

We don't try to blind you with insurance jargon like other insurers do. Our car, motorcycle , health , travel and term life insurance policies are simple and straightforward so that you can make quick clear choices about the type of insurance features you want. That way you don't pay for insurance features you're never going to use. With you pay only for what you need.

If you need to make a claim, just call us on 2884 8888 and leave the rest to us. We're here for you 24/7 wherever you may be in the world.

Latest Customer Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about us:

5 Star Reviews

"My husband (a named driver under the policy) was driving this morning and got a burst tyre.  I told him to call your hotline to deal with the problem.  When I asked him about the service, his comment was "cannot be better" so thank you for your help and the good work!" - Ms. Tsoi , BMW 325Ci, Car Insurance
"拖車師傅夠專業及細心,快速地把壞車接上拖車然後拖走,使車主不必要付額外停車費用。講解有關死火撻唔著車的常見原因有助車主與車房溝通。" - Mr. Chan , Mazda MPV, 汽車保險客戶
"由2012年第一次找Direct Asia買車保,第二年續保和中途賣車退保和今年再買全保,Roy Chan 完全有問必答的,所有答案都令我萬分滿意!感覺上是完全明白投保者的需要,介紹額外加的一項拖車/搭電服務,真是值得一讚!生效不到十日(10月1日國慶假期),因我大意撻不了車,不用半小時已有拖車公司到來幫忙搭電,同時也教了些小常識給我!非常實用! 再提一提,我打去支援部,接聽的職員很有耐性聽我講出位置,我還問過call拖車搭電會不會扣NCB,當時回覆是他不是哪個部門,不太清楚!但今天(10月3日)收到來電回覆(當然不用扣啦)! 真是讓我驚訝,居然會打來回覆!多謝豐亞!! " - Ms. Lam, Honda Freed, 汽車保險客戶
"感恩遇上Billy Wong, Arthur, Natalie Chan 三位尊業人員,一直伴隨我左右,協助我完成整個程序。他們盡心盡力幫我解決了不少問題,令我十二分放心。答應我的亦一定做到,我決定放棄傳統銀行旅保服務,亦會推薦親友使用豐亞保險。" - Mr. Agbobli Anani , Addis Ababa, 旅遊保險客戶

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A Hong Kong Insurance Team That Understands Your Needs

All our products and services have been specifically designed for people living in Hong Kong. Our team is based right here in Hong Kong. This means we're well placed to offer better tailored insurance products and services that suit your needs.

Award Winning Insurance

Award Winning Insurance

Need to Make a Claim?

We’ll help make it easy if you need to make a car, motorcycle, health, travel and term life claim.

Exceptional Claims Service

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