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Named Driver and Excess

Name Who’s Driving


Do you share your car with friends or family? Or are you the only driver? By naming the people who will be driving, you pay the right price for your needs.

And when you name the drivers on your policy, all named drivers enjoy the same benefits as the main driver. That means no extra excess in the event of a claim.

  You can add up to four named drivers to your policy

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Excess Explained

Excess is simply the amount you are required to pay in the event of a claim.
The actual amount of excess you have to pay depends on how you’ve set up your policy.

The Excess you Choose

When buying your policy you have the options of setting your excess. In many cases opting to pay a higher excess (paying a bit more for repairs before we reimburse you) results in a lower premium for you.

To choose the right excess for your needs, weigh what you’re able to pay in the event of an accident versus your monthly premium costs.

Excesses you Don’t Control

There are some flat excess charges for certain types of claims:

Age and Experience

If Your Car is involved in an Accident while being driven for a purpose other than the declared usage, there is an additional excess of HKD 10,000.

Age and Experience

If your window or windshield is damaged and you choose to have it replaced, there is a HKD 500 excess. This fee is waived if you have your windscreen repaired. We can even arrange for one of our windshield repair experts to visit you at your preferred location for greater convenience, subject to scheduling.

Unnamed or Young or Inexperienced Drivers
Unnamed or Young or Inexperienced Drivers

If your car is involved in an accident and an unnamed/inexperienced driver was driving there’s an additional excess

Unnamed driver: HKD 10,000
Unnamed + Young / Inexperienced Driver: HKD 35,000
Unnamed + Young + Inexperienced Driver: HKD 60,000

Age and Experience
Own Workshop

If you choose to go to a garage or repair workshop outside of DirectAsia’s Approved Workshops you have to pay an excess of HKD 10,000 or 25% of the repair cost (whichever the higher). You can avoid this excess by either choosing to have your car repaired at one of our Approved Workshops or selecting the My Workshop optional benefit.

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