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The Claims Process

Insurance should be simple. Especially when you claim.

If you have any questions about what information you'll need or the next steps to make a claim,
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What to Do When You Claim

  • Car / Motorcycle Insurance Claims Checklist

    What to do

    If you’ve been in an accident, exchange details with other drivers, anyone injured, witnesses and passengers.

    Reporting to the police and to us immediately
    Under the law and regulations in Hong Kong, all accidents shall be reported to Police within 24 hours.

    Details to exchange are:
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Names
    • HKID card number or other identification number (if possible)
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Insurance details

    Note your exact location. If you can, take photos and video of the scene, including vehicles and damaged property before they are moved.

    Documents needed to make a claim
    • Completed claim form (for accident or windscreen only)
    • Vehicle registration document
    • Incident driver’s HKID card & driving licence
    • Police case reference number and police statement
    • Documents substantiate your claim (e.g. photographs, third party details including plate number and any injured person)
    • Notice of Intended Prosecution (if any)
    • Breath Screening Test Report (if applicable)
    • Names and particulars of witnesses

    Keep the original copies and either fax copies to (852) 2884 8833, email at or post to DirectAsia, 1101, 11/F, Allied Kajima Building, 138 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai.

  • Travel Insurance Claims Checklist

    What to do
    If you are overseas call us at (852) 2884 8866.
    Always report to the police within 24 hours at the place of the accident, injury or loss, and get a copy of the police report.
    Notify us as soon as possible and submit your claim to us with the following documents (if applicable) within 30 days upon returning from your trip:
    • Completed Claim Form
    • Copy of passport showing departure and return dates
    • Copy of itinerary
    Documents needed for each type of claim
    • Medical report and other medical documents
    • Medical bills – original copies
    • Police report (needed if the injury/death resulted from a traffic accident or crime)
    • Death documents e.g. death certificate, autopsy report, coroner’s findings (for deaths)
    • Medical report and any other medical documents
    • Written advice or medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner
    • Receipts for booking of trip
    • Travel agent and/or airline’s confirmation of refund amount
    • Death documents (for deaths)
    • Proof of relationship (if due to sickness, injury or death of related person)
    • Copy of police report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
    • Baggage loss or damage report from airline
    • Written confirmation of compensation from airline
    • Photographs of damaged items
    • Receipts (purchase/repair) and warranty cards of lost or damaged items
    • Written confirmation from airline on cause and duration of delay
    • Delay report and acknowledgement slip (baggage delay)
    • Rental car agreement (i.e. type of insurance coverage, terms and conditions)
    • International driving licence
    • Photographs for the damaged rental car
    • Police report/road traffic accident report (if applicable)
    • Invoice/receipt for payment of excess
    • Proof of relationship between deceased and claimant
    • Certified true copy of death certificate, coroner’s/post-mortem/autopsy report (if applicable)
    • Certified true copy of letters of administration/grant of probate (if any)
    • Copy of police report/road traffic accident report (if applicable)
    • Medical report (to be completed by attending physician)
    • Copies of medical leave certificates
    • Any other available medical reports
    • Copy of police report/road traffic accident report (if applicable)
  • Health Insurance Claims Checklist

    What to do

    If you need to be admitted to a hospital our professional Claims Specialist will guide you through the whole process step by step.

    Documents Needed to Make a Claim
    Notify us and submit your claim with the following original documents within 30 days from the date of discharge from hospital with the following original documents:
    • Completed claim form
    • Hospital receipts
    • Medical reports
    • Copy of relevant written medical reports such as pathology/laboratory/surgical reports
    • Copy of HKID
    • Copy of relationship proof (Applicable to children only)
    • Copy of policy report if involved accident
    • Claim adjustment if any
    Pre-authorise Hospital Stays to Avoid Up-Front Payment

    Prior to hospitalisation in Hong Kong’s private hospitals, we advise you to contact us for pre-authorisation so that you do not need to make an advance payment to the hospital.

Customer Review

  With the professional service and advice, I would like to recommend Direct Asia as the best car insurance in town. The claims specialist actively followed my case. I’m very satisfied with the arrangement and its best service.

- , Car Insurance Customer
13 March 2017

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