Claims Promise

Claims Promise: Local, Dedicated Service

At DirectAsia, we believe insurance is a service

Making a claim can be a stressful experience. At the very least it means there's been an interruption to your normal routine.

We believe in smoothing out as many rough roads for you as we can, and being here to help you through difficult times. You might not have made a claim with us yet, and don't know quite what to expect from us. Our promises give you some idea of the care you can expect should you ever need to claim.

4 Promises We Make to Every Customer

We believe that insurance is not a product, it's a service. And even more than the customer service you get when you first contact us, the service you get when making a claim is what really matters for you. That's why we're always looking for extra ways to improve your experience during a claim.

24/7 claims support guarantee
24/7 emergency support guarantee

- we're on standby, day and night, ready to guide you through your emergency.


Dedicated and direct service with your claims officer
Dedicated and direct service with your Claims Specialist

- once a Claims Specialist is assigned to you, you'll deal with one person until your claim is resolved.


Same day acknowledged and officer assignment
Same day acknowledged and Claims Specialist assignment

- the quicker your claim begins, the faster it can be resolved and you can get back to life as normal.


Claims review in less than 7 working days
Claims reviewed and followed closely

- because you’re dealing directly with us and not a middlemen, the claims process is much quicker.


Our Net Promoter Score is
the industry average

We Measure Your Happiness

How can you know we really mean it when we say customer satisfaction is our main priority? There are a few ways. To start, simply call and talk to us. You'll know from the first time you speak with someone from our team that we place a high value on our customer's experience.

Internally DirectAsia, and many other companies, use what's called a Net Promoter Score (or NPS). The NPS tests how loyal customers are to us. An NPS that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is said to be good, and NPS of +50 is considered to be excellent. Our score is 68%.

That score is something we're always working to achieve. If you don't know NPS, you might wonder where we stand. Our NPS is around double the industry standard. That means our customers are twice as loyal, twice as happy with us as the other guys.

Have questions?  Speak with us directly at (852) 2884 8888 or provide your details and we’ll call you back on the next working day.