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Health Insurance

Health Protection for You and Your Family

We keep our Health Insurance simple. We offer full cover for your hospital and surgical bills up to your chosen annual limit!

  • Save up to 20% on your premium
  • Guaranteed Renewability
  • Pre-existing Condition Covered
    after 2 Years Free of Symptoms
Product Description

Now you can buy Health Insurance online! Get coverage on your full hospital bills instantly without the hassle of going through a medical check-up. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you are covered within minutes. It’s that quick and easy.

Health Insurance

We offer full cover for your hospital and surgical bills up to your chosen annual limit!

Top-up Health Insurance

Many employers only provide a very basic Health Insurance plan that you may find is insufficient for your needs should you need to go into hospital. Our Top-up Health Insurance is a great way to enhance your current insurance to make sure that you’re fully protected.

Affordable Health Insurance to Cover Your Hospital Expenses

Buying your Health Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated, costly and confusing.  At we understand that, which is why we've tailored our Health Insurance products to suit you, making our policies as unique as you are. That way you don't pay for features you don't need, saving you hundreds of dollars on your premium.

We’ve made our Health Insurance products easy to understand so you can decide what insurance coverage suits you and your family best.  We'll guide you every step of the way from getting a quote to paying for your premium and receiving instant cover.

We have two types of insurance to choose from: Our Health Insurance plan or our Top-Up Health Insurance.

Health Insurance

Enjoy full cover for your hospital and surgical expenses up to your chosen annual limit!’s Health Insurance offers you the flexibility to select your medical cover according to your budget.

We will reimburse you 100% of your hospitalisation expenses up to your chosen annual limit.

No Hidden Limits On What You Can Claim

Unlike most products on the market, there are no hidden limits either. For instance we don’t impose limits on the length of your hospital stays and we don’t make limitations based on your disability or confinement.

At you get instant coverage by answering a few questions without going through the hassle of a medical check-up. 

We May Even Cover Your Pre-Existing Conditions

Getting insurance for pre-existing conditions can be impossible but at we have created our policies to make it easier for you.

Your pre-existing conditions can be covered after having two years of continuous Health Insurance cover with us providing you are symptom-free during this period. For example if you had an operation on a tumour or gallstone prior to taking out your health insurance with us then we’ll cover you again if you do not have any symptoms for 2 continuous years after joining us. That way we are able to cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

In Sickness and In Health, We’ll Always Renew Your Policy

You can choose to renew your policy every year regardless of your age, claim history or health status. Your policy will never be cancelled.

The terms and conditions of your policy will not be changed either, nor will any special terms be imposed because of your individual claim history or health status. 

Your coverage will not be changed nor will any special restriction be imposed because of your individual claims history. Please read your Policy Details for full details.

You can be assured that your basic premium will be the same as those who share the same profile as yourself at each renewal.   And if you’ve not made any claims then you’ll enjoy up to a 30 per cent discount on your premium. Please refer to our section on Premium Prices at Renewal

At we guarantee full cover and a first class claims service at an affordable price.

Get an online quote today!

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Top-up Health Insurance

Many employers only provide a very basic Health Insurance plan that you may find is insufficient for your needs should you need to go into hospital.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a Top-up Health insurance plan to provide you with coverage on top of your existing primary medical insurance.

This means you can top up your current Health Insurance plan quickly and cheaply.

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