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What Health Insurance Cover Do I Get?


Our Health Insurance covers 100% of your hospitalisation expenses, subject to your annual limit.

Your Choice of Two Types of Health Insurance:
Health Insurance

Do you need a full health insurance plan?

Unlike most plans on the market, ours has no hidden limits. We don’t make limitations based on your disability or confinement.

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Top Up Health Insurance

Do you already have a health insurance plan?

Many employers only provide a very basic Health Insurance plan. Our top-up plan is a great way to enhance your current insurance to make sure that you have full protection.

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Your Health Insurance Benefits

Some of the great benefits you’ll enjoy regardless of if you choose a full health insurance or top up health insurance plan

Room and board expenses

You're covered for the costs of your hospital accommodation based on your plan-type


All meals are covered up to the maximum allowed on your insurance plan

Intensive Care

You’re covered for the costs of your accommodation as an in-patient in the intensive care unit

Post hospitalisation

After being discharged from the hospital, you will be reimbursed for post operation or medical follow-up, 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

Private nursing

If you prescribed a private nurse to tend to you following your discharge, let us pre-authorise you and we will reimburse in full up to 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

Kidneys dialysis and Cancer treatment

If you are suffering from kidney failure or any kind of cancer, you can seek the treatment recommended by the attending doctor at either your hospital or day-care centres, according to your selected plan.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are covered after two continuous policy years with us, as long as you are trouble free during these two years.

Surgical Cover

Surgical expenses for inpatient or daycare are covered, including expenses for the surgeon, operating theatre, anaesthetic and any other miscellaneous hospital expenses, subject to deductible per event.

Non-Surgical Cover

If you require physiotherapy, imaging or laboratory tests on an inpatient basis, you’re covered as long as they are recommended by the attending doctor as necessary for your recovery, subject to deductible per event.

Hospital cash

If you are admitted into hospital and no cost is borne by DirectAsia, you will receive a hospital cash benefit based on the number of nights spent in the hospital. For instance you are admitted into a general ward and medical reimbursements are very low and below our hospital cash benefit, subject to annual excess selected.

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