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Drive your own car insurance

Drive your own car insurance
In the News : Bazaar Magazine | Car Insurance | 1 December 2010

For the urban sophisticate, it's good to know that all your bases are covered. Car insurance is a must for the woman on the go, and DirectAsia.com offers you the ultimate solution.

Most women like me usually leave tedious car insurance decisions to our men. I've heard women on many occasions—I'm guilty of this myself—say they can’t be bothered to read the small print. Inadvertently, most men feel that the extent of our knowledge with the fast lane pertains only to changing gears. Direct-to- consumer insurance providers such as DirectAsia.com come to the rescue, offering the option of taking charge of our car insurance by doing it all online.

Besides, who needs agents when we know our needs better than anyone else? With communication materials free from technical jargon, DirectAsia.com enables us to easily understand and select the policy that gives us the best value for money. The option to customise insurance plans gives full cost control, and ensures that we won’t have to pay for extras we don’t need. Having an insurance agent explain policy details might be reassuring, but as an independent and savvy woman, I am not easily fooled by someone who has got an interest in selling me more than I need. I can make an accurate judgment myself.

By choosing the best insurance provider and plan, we can save hundreds of dollars a year without scrimping on safety. On top of that, smart fashionistas like us can afford to go on shopping sprees without worrying about the bottom line, taking us closer to that coveted pair of Louboutins and that quilted Chanel bag we’ve been lusting after for so long.

So take cue from fall’s biggest trend of celebrating femininity and assert your womanhood by taking charge of your finances. Now, who said you can't do it all?

Auto Tips

  1. Don’t just go back to your trusted agent each year. For each year of your policy, you are paying on average 15 per cent of the premium in commission or $185 for the average auto insurance policy.
  2. Decide whether you really need your repairer. Some insurers will provide a discount if you choose their repairer as they can reduce costs through bulk purchasing.
  3. Be wary of the car dealers who claim they’ll have to charge you more if you don’t take out insurance with them. Demand that the car price remain the same and shop for cheaper insurance alternatives.
  4. Look at how your insurer manages your claim. If you feel they don’t have much control over the process, chances are their claims cost will be high. This actually drives up the cost of your premium.
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