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DirectAsia.com Launches in Hong Kong!

DirectAsia.com Launches in Hong Kong!
In the News | General | 23 March 2012

We’ve Arrived!

It’s time to celebrate following the successful launch of DirectAsia.com in Hong Kong. 

"We are delighted to have launched DirectAsia.com in Hong Kong. I believe the value proposition is overwhelming in this heavily intermediated market. The easy work is done now we must convince the public!"
Charles Burgess – Director – Whittington Insurance

As Hong Kong's first dedicated direct online insurance company,  DirectAsia.com is set to change the face of the local insurance industry forever.

Tired of rising costs, complicated insurance jargon and lack of choices, consumers told us they were more than ready for a change. And we’re here to do just that!

Since launching DirectAsia.com in Singapore in 2010, we have experienced a rapid uptake in our service, where we have claimed more than 3.5% of the market share and currently handle over 20,000 individual policies. Following our Singapore success, we felt the time was ripe to offer our insurance  to the people of Hong Kong.

We’re a Different Kind Of Insurance Company

By cutting out the middleman we can save consumers up to 30% on their premium and without cutting down on coverage. We never use insurance jargon so customers can understand  and make clear, informed choices about the insurance that suits them. That way customers don’t end up paying for insurance features they’re never going to use. Just another way we’re able to offer better value insurance.

Cutting edge technology supports our user-friendly one-stop, insurance portal, providing customers with the convenience of 24-hour access for obtaining insurance quotes, purchasing policies with instant cover and for making insurance claims. Our site is supported by a fully-staffed contact centre; 24-hour emergency service support and a customer walk-in office.

It’s a Win Win!

The launch of DirectAsia.com has got everyone in the Hong Kong industry talking. And like all good launches we felt it only right that we should have a great giveaway - a fabulous Audi A1!

We have sent out a challenge to Hong Kong motorists. All car owners over the age of 30 who have comprehensive car insurance are being asked to try and beat the price of our car insurance. If they can beat our price with a quote from elsewhere, then they’ll enter our lucky draw to win this superb motor! We’ll keep you posted.

"Good to see DirectAsia launching in Hong Kong and customers being finally able to enjoy the benefits of a fair price for their risk profile without paying any commission."
- Adrian Cheung – Underwriting Officer.

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