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Launch of Our Very First Lifestyle Blog

Launch of Our Very First Lifestyle Blog
Press Release | General | 19 July 2013

Online insurer DirectAsia.com Hong Kong has launched a new multi-topic blog on its main website. The new blog aims to offer a “behind the scenes” look at the DirectAsia.com Hong Kong, but also to publish posts, interviews and reports on a variety of subjects.

Designed to deliver reader-focussed content that encourages interaction between the company and its website’s visitors, the posts will go well beyond merely commercial aims. Content covering topics such as current affairs, travel, motoring, insurance and entertainment will be added several times a week.

Long term, DirectAsia.com Hong Kong aims to bring in a range of writers, from employees within the company to professional bloggers. The team also wishes to conduct interviews with members of Hong Kong society who are doing notable things, such as charitable work or creating challenging artistic projects.

Commenting on the blog launch, Tanny Lee, Digital Marketing Specialist of DirectAsia.com Hong Kong, said:
I'm really happy to see our Hong Kong blog go live. Our whole mission at DirectAsia.com is to be a very different sort of insurance company – an engaged insurance company.

We aren’t like the traditional, long established companies in that respect. The communication between customers (and potential customers) and us is central to what we do. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Forums are all ways in which we share what we are about, and in turn learn from the people of Hong Kong. Even more importantly, with our Blog we are sharing useful and engaging content, and not just trying to sell things to people.

In the age of social media it’s no longer good enough to just push marketing messages – people are too sophisticated for that, and quickly see through it. They want to see what’s going on behind the scenes, get to know what your values are really about, and get a real, deep feel for who they might give their hard earned dollars to. Opening up and sharing content and engaging with people will quickly show which companies really care about their customers, and which just take them for granted.”

DirectAsia.com Hong Kong offers car, motorcycle and travel insurance products that can be purchased online, by telephone or in person at their offices. The insurer aims to provide the most affordable insurance in Hong Kong, by bypassing insurance agents – which they state adds “up to 40% extra in agency fees” – and by offering safe drivers lower premiums. Customers can also purchase only the features they need, reducing their premium further.

The DirectAsia.com Hong Kong blog is now live at www.directasia.com.hk/blog.

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