Motorcycle Insurance
Optional Benefits & NCD

Improve Your Policy by
Adding Optional Benefits


Are you a young, single rider?
Or maybe you have a family waiting at home for you to return from your ride?
Depending on your needs you might want to top up with our extra cover.
Enhance your plan for dollars more a month.

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Enhance Your Policy with Optional Benefits

For only a few dollars extra you can get even better Motorcycle Insurance by selecting one or more of these optional benefits.
'Loss of Use' is only available if you have purchased our Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft motorcycle insurance

Medical Expenses
Medical Expenses

Get up to HKD 20,000 for you or your named rider and a passenger if injured in a motorcycle accident.

Personal Accident
Personal Accident

Get up to HKD 2,000,000 in case of death or loss of sight and/or limbs for the motorcyclist as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Loss of Use
Loss of Use

Get HKD 300 a day to assist with transportation costs after an accident up 10 days per accident and 20 days per year.


Motorcycle Insurance No Claim Discount

A No Claim Discount is a discount that we offer you on your renewal premium
if there are no claims on your policy during the current period of insurance.
no claims for: your No Claim Discount is
one year 10%
two consecutive years 20%
three consecutive years 30%

To be entitled to this discount you need to have been insured within the last 12 months.

No transfer of your no claim discount

Your no claim discount is not transferable to any other person.

Your no claim discount applies to only one motorcycle

Your no claim discount applies to only one motorcycle at any one time.

Your Current No Claim Discount your reduced no claim discount if you have a claim
30% 0%
20% 0%
10% 0%
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