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by telling us about yourself and how you’re going to ride


Hong Kong motorcyclists ride for a variety of reasons. DirectAsia wants to make sure you only pay for how you really use your motorcycle. To help you get the best premium, we ask you to tell us about the Main Driver and how the motorcycle will be used.

IMPORTANT! Remember to declare the correct information:

It's important that you answer the questions truthfully so you're insured in the event of an accident. Since we give our best premium based on the information you declare about Main Driver and Motorcycle Usage, that information is used when we review and pay claims.

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Driver & Usage Requirements

We have a few basic requirements for who we cover

Driver Requirements
  • Age and Experience
    Age and Experience

    The main driver (person that uses the motorcycle most frequently) must be between 20 - 65 years old, with 2+ years’ experience.

  • Driver’s License
    Insurance History

    In the last 3 years, no driver has been refused insurance or had it terminated.

  • Accident & Insurance History
    Driver’s License

    In the last 5 years, no driver has had their licence suspended or cancelled.

  • Driving Offence Points
    Driving Offence Points

    All drivers have valid Hong Kong driving licences with less than 12 offence points.

Usage Requirements
  • Commercial Usage
    Commercial Usage

    The motorcycle cannot be used for commercial purposes, hire or delivery or reward.

  • Driver’s License
    Vehicle Ownership

    The policyholder must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

  • Accident & Insurance History
    Motorcycle Registration

    The vehicle must be registered in Hong Kong.

The 3 Standard Motorcycle Usages

Not sure about your usage type? Call us at (852) 2884 8888

You are only riding your motorcycle in the course of your private life and for leisure.

You are not using your motorcycle to get to work or any professional appointment. However, you might use your motorcycle on daily errands that aren't work related.

On top of the private use, you are also riding your motorcycle to and from work.

You might use your motorcycle during lunch time to meet with a business partner. However, you are not riding to and from business appointments during your work/office hours.

You ride in your normal day and in the course of your work.

On top of private rides and commuting, you are also using your motorcycle for and during the course of work. This includes going to business meetings during your work/office hours.

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