Travel Insurance
Plan Types

Travel Insurance Plan Types

Book One Trip or a Year’s Worth of Travel

Not everyone in Hong Kong takes the same number of trips. Some travel with friends or family.
Others take every opportunity to escape the island and fly off on an adventure.
That’s why DirectAsia offers you a choice of single trip and annual travel insurance plans.

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Annual Trips

Are you someone who checks their calendar at the beginning of the year for every long weekend and holiday, searching for every chance to travel? Even if you’re not that obsessed, if you’ll travel more than 3 times this year our annual travel insurance plan will save you money. It’s also super convenient, buying an annual travel plan saves you time as you only buy once to cover a full year of travel.

  • Travel for up to 90 days each trip
  • Save up to 40% with an annual plan
  • Choose cover for Asia (for more savings) or Worldwide

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Single Trips

Single trip plans are perfect if you need to cover one specific trip or holiday. Since you're buying your travel insurance directly you'll still save more over buying from an agent or bank. You can also book single trip plans with friends and family for greater savings. You might also consider a single trip plan if you’re going on a longer trip.

  • Your trip can last up to 182 days
  • You can even book last minute on way to airport

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